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Dip Patterns


Select the perfect Camouflage pattern for your specific needs. Customize your firearm, archery gear, etc. with one of the many camo designs! 

WTP-856 Badlands Approach Camo.jpg

Wood Grain

Our Wood Grain Hydro Dipping Patterns offer a highly sought after and unique look that is sure to turn heads.

WTP-126 Smokey Walnut Grain.jpg


We have a wide range of dip patterns available, including skulls, American flags, flames and more, with the aim of providing you with a customized look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

WTP-1080 Battle Worn Black and Clear Sand Base.jpg

Carbon Fiber

We offer a variety of carbon fiber patterns. Whether it’s a firearm, automotive part, or a piece of sporting equipment, we have the pattern for you!

WTP-886 Staggered Carbon.jpg


We can provide you with the realistic and authentic look of stone on any surface, whether it be metal, plastics, or automotive parts.

WTP-506 Gold Vein (White).jpg


Looking for a unique way to customize your gear? How about a brushed metal finish! We have several metal patterns you'll love!

WTP-710 Bronze Brushed Stainless.jpg
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